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The Tech Life with Rich Conte

The Tech Life with host Rich Conte together with Silicon Harbor Magazine bring you Silicon Harbor Radio; news and interviews from the Technology, Creative and Entrepreneur communities in Charleston, SC.

Oct 19, 2016

This episode of Silicon Harbor Radio features Karl Hudson-Phillips, founder of the Revolve Conference and Syntaxcon.  Karl talks about the 2016 edition of Revolve and what attendees can expect.  Revolve is set for October 26th through the 28th in downtown Charleston and is the Southeast’s premiere gathering of Design,...

Oct 7, 2016

This episode of Silicon Harbor Radio features Yvonne Jouffrault, Entrepreneur in Residence for ATDC Savannah and Founder of Tour Buddy Apps, a Savannah GA-based technology company that is helping customers provide a more enriching tourism experience for their guests.  Yvonne shares her experiences in becoming an...